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Rev 8/28/09 Team Member Assessment Form Instructions (Midterm Assessment and Final Assessment) 1. Read the submission guidelines under the Business Plan Team Instructions Form on Blackboard. If you do not submit this form according to those EXACT instructions, you will be awarded a “0” and receive no points for the Assessment portion of your grade! 2. Download and save the Team Assessment Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is protected to provide only a few areas to enter information. If you cannot click on a cell, that cell does not require any information. 3. Enter Your Name (First and Last), Class Section and Team Name/Business Name in cells B1- B3 respectively. 4. Read this carefully: In alphabetical order (a-z) , type ONLY the LAST NAMES of your team members (including yourself ) across the top cells (D2-J2). The last names will automatically be brought down into the comment section. 5.
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