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Rev3:7/27/09 BUS101 Team Photo Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to assist in the melding of your new team and to start creating cohesiveness. In order to become a high performance team you must have cohesion between all of the members, which means that you must want to be together and work together. An easy way to begin this process is by spending time together and engaging in fun or interesting activities. This assignment will also force you to use some digital technology and software like Photoshop, Publisher, or other photo manipulation software. Each team must get together and create the most unique, creative, bizarre, or whatever floats your boat…team picture they can. The idea should be unanimous so that it builds cohesion and doesn’t destroy it. It can be taken on campus, off-campus, wherever you want. Your professor may set guidelines as to what can NOT be in the picture. If you have what you believe is a great idea and are unsure of whether or not your professor will approve, simply ask.
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