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top three businesses i admire 1-25

top three businesses i admire 1-25 - company I admire I...

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Rebecca Meyer Professor Greenan Business 101- J 23 January 2009 Top Three Businesses I Admire Being an avid user of products from numerous companies, there are several companies in which I favor. Out of those companies, there are also many companies in which I admire. Three main companies, whose products I often use are Apple and Nike, used for personal entertainment, , and Chegg, a company based on education and convenience. Apple was founded in April 1976 by Steve Wozniak, 26 years old, and Steve Jobs, 21, both college dropouts. They created the Mac which is a personal computer for more personal entertainment. They are designed for recreation, rather than business. Apple also makes several other products such as the iPod line of products (iPods, iHomes, and speakers.) No matter what state the economy is in, apple is always succeeding, and there are never any sales on their products. Since I have an iPod, and want a Mac, apple is a
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Unformatted text preview: company I admire. I admire Nike products, because being an athlete who likes to work out a lot; I tend to use many Nike products. I wear their clothes when I work out, prefer their running shoes and their Nike shox over any other shoes, and own several sports equipment that have been reliable, and last a sufficient amount of time. I love Nike products, and like the athletes they hire to advertise their companies. The final company in which I admire is Chegg. It is like Netflix, but for textbooks. You have the opportunities to rent textbooks for the semester and it is much cheaper than buying them. They cater to college campuses all over the nation, and the company is reliable. The textbook is always in fair or new condition, and it is convenient for college students to obtain them. If you were to go to the post office here at Bryant University, you would see several boxes of textbooks from Chegg....
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top three businesses i admire 1-25 - company I admire I...

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