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worksheet GDP - 8 Undistributed Corporate Profits 19...

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Worksheet GDP Consider the following information on an economy. The data is in billions of dollars. Using the data calculate: a. GDP b. NDP c. NI d. PI e. DI f. Net Exports Which of the following are included and which are excluded in calculating this year’s GDP? Explain. 1. A monthly scholarship check received by a student. 2. The purchase of a new corn crib by a farmer. 3. The purchase of a used tractor by a farmer. 4. The cashing in of a savings bond. 5. The services of a mechanic in fixing the radiator in his own car. Transfer Payments $1 6 Government Purchases 69 Personal Taxes 38 Corporate Income Taxes 28 Indirect Business Taxes 15 Social Security Contributions
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Unformatted text preview: 8 Undistributed Corporate Profits 19 Proprietors Income 25 Compensation of Employees 25 8 Personal Consumption Expenditures 26 7 Consumption of fixed Capital 4 Rents 10 US Exports 14 Corporate Profits 70 Interest 12 Dividends 23 Imports to US 17 Gross Private Domestic Investment 47 Net Foreign Factor Income Earned in the US 10 6. Social security checks received by a retired person. 7. An increase in business inventories. 8. Government purchase of missiles. 9. A barbers income 10. Income received from interest on a corporate bond 11. Cash received from selling a corporate bond....
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worksheet GDP - 8 Undistributed Corporate Profits 19...

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