The Expensive Moment

The Expensive Moment - children, political activities, and...

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“The Expensive Moment” -Grace Paley Faith- all people in her life are engaged in politics Sons are grown Tonto (one son)- in love Richard (other son)- active member of league for revolutionary young Faith married to jack (furniture store salesman) Having an affair with china scholar Nick Ruth- (faith’s best friend) Faith is constantly reminded about her political active past Attends dinners/meetings where she meets exiled Chinese artists and writers Xie Fang- Chinese poet who experiences “extreme history” Fing invites herself to see Faith’s home
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Unformatted text preview: children, political activities, and future Both women acknowledge how little they knew about preparing their children for the real world Women recognize they have little power to change/affect world its hard to stand behind people and culture in revolutionary transition when youre constantly worried about their irreplaceable & breakable artifacts <- referring to children Mention of communist ideas in china Raising questions about marriage...
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