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Five Page Paper #2 - Meyer 1 Rebecca Meyer Professor...

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Meyer 1 Rebecca Meyer Professor Cabusao LCS 121 12 November 2009 Hungry and Yearning for Something More Hunger is not only defined as a feeling experienced when one has a desire to eat,” ( as people can he hungry for much more than food. One can be hungry for compassion, love, answers, friendship, happiness, belonging, and many other sensations that we tend to experience on a daily basis. Many times, one finds that they are hungry for something they do not have and cannot easily obtain. The feelings of hunger that one experiences for food can easily be satisfied where gratification for wants and emotions may be harder to acquire. Octavia Butler’s Fledgling , Allen Ginsberg’s “A Supermarket in California,” and Toni Morrison’s “Recitatif,” all portray main characters that are looking to satisfy their feelings of hunger for love, family, a sense of belonging, and racism. Amongst waking up in the middle of a dark gave, not being able to see, with a “hunger [that] was violent [and] twisting inside,” (Butler 1) Shori Matthews wakes up in a cave starving for fresh meat, blood, familiarity, and questions about her history, identity, memory, and home. She finds herself amongst the jumbled puzzle pieces of her life that she must reconstruct on her own, with no memory or recollection of anything that she experienced in the past. When Shori wakes up, she experiences both physical hunger for food, and emotional hunger for answers. She learns from her father that she is a unique form of an Ina vampire and her desire to obtain information grows. Unlike the vampires that are portrayed by characters such as Dracula, Shori is unique because she is half human, half Ina. She has dark skin to protect her from the rays of
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Meyer 2 the sun, allows her to be out during daylight, is not harmed by the crucifix, and she can be awake during the day, instead of being nocturnal. Shori encounters a man named Wright Hamlin, a twenty three year old construction worker who lives alone. Shori, waking up alone as well, is immediately attracted to him. The first time Shori meets him, she is hungry for his blood. Not only is she physically hungry and thirsty for his blood, she also has this emotional craving that causes her to bite him, inflicting the feeling of pleasure amongst both Shori and Wright. Wright becomes Shori’s human symbiont as Ina and their human symbionts have mutual benefits and agree on their relationship with one another. An Ina needs human blood to survive, and a human symbiont like Wright needs Shori’s venom to help him live a longer and healthier life. Shori surrounds herself with Ina and their symbionts who knew her before her amnesia. She listens to the stories of her father, Brooke,
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Five Page Paper #2 - Meyer 1 Rebecca Meyer Professor...

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