Sonny's Blues

Sonny's Blues - Baldwin Sonnys Blues Sonnys brother teaches...

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Baldwin- Sonny’s Blues - Sonny’s brother teaches algebra - In the newspaper he reads about Sonny being picked up in a raid for peddling and using heroin - His students laughter reminded him of his brother and himself - On his way to the subway, he encounters one of Sonny’s friends who always hung around street corners high o he hates this friend of Sonny’s o friend came all the way over there to tell him about Sonny says when he saw the newspapers he felt sort of responsible he said he never gave Sonny anything but one day Sonny asked him how it felt, and he told him “it felt great” - Sonny is going to be sent to detox to try and cure his addiction o Friend says once Sonny is out he will just start up again - Brother believes Sonny is killing himself o Friend says “He don’t want to die. He wants to live.” - All at once, Sonny’s brother does not hate his friend anymore and lends him $5 dollars, which is far too much - After brother’s little girl died, Sonny wrote back a letter o Sonny said, “you don’t know how much I needed to hear from you” o Sonny was glad his parents were dead so they can’t see what happened to him o Asks his brother to meet him when he gets back to NY - From then on he kept in touch with Sonny & went to meet him when he returned to NY - He wondered about the life that Sonny lived inside - There were seven years between their ages o As soon as Sonny could walk he walked from their mother straight to his brother - When Sonny was 14 yrs. old he really wanted to go to India - On the cab ride home, his brother realized that when looking out their cab windows, they were seeking the parts of themselves that had been left behind - Author makes the statement: It’s always at the hour of trouble and confrontation that he missing member aches - Lenox Ave. = seemed to be filled with a hidden menace, same as the day he hears about Sonny’s arrest - Live in a housing project 1
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Sonny's Blues - Baldwin Sonnys Blues Sonnys brother teaches...

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