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BUILDING COMMUNITIES A Place in Havana Cuba First Assignment “Reading and Site” We are trying to understand as much as possible about Cuba, Havana and the site before we go there. This first assignment is help with that and we will move quickly. There will also be presentations by people familiar with Cuba. For this assignment the following are due: 1. Read the material handed out. 2. Be ready tomorrow for discussion of the material. 3. In three teams (about 2 or 3 people) the following should be done:
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Unformatted text preview: Team 1. From information we have, build a physical model of the area of our site at the scale to be discussed. Team 2. With Team 1 make a digital model of the area. Team 3. Understand the site in terms of climate, including rain, sun, wind, views, and connections, and show this information on 20 x 30 boards. The above is due next Tuesday for presentation to the studio....
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