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BUILDING COMMUNITIES A Place in Havana Cuba Fourth Assignment “The large and the small” Now that we have a better understanding of the site, people ,and culture, this assignment is to continue the design process that we started before we went to Cuba. The assignment is in two parts and two scales. 1. At 1:500 design a new (or revise your first) plan of our area taking into account new information from our site. Use the water/green space as a given to relate the design to and develop a design that not only provides housing and public space but also ways in which the people might have an
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Unformatted text preview: income. Show this in model form treating existing buildings as solid blocks and new structures horizontals and verticals. 2. At 1:100 (about 1/8”scale) make a model showing one unit of housing that fits with the site design above. The model is to be quickly built (like a plan but in 3 dimensions) and is intended to test the site plan. By having an idea about the large and small at the same time we will then be ready to develop a design. After this assignment we will leave the 1:500 scale. Due for next Friday for discussion....
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