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BUILDING COMMUNITIES A Place in Havana Cuba Assignment # 6 “Elevation Montage and Section” Designing elevations are a way of understanding materials, color, shape, and context, and in our case developing an architectural vocabulary that both relates to the existing and at the same time is new –“ordinary and extraordinary”. To do this we will start with a typical street elevation at 1:50 scale and make it abstract but detailed. With photos, try to make a montage of the area (to scale) to give as a background to work with and against. Using materials such as colored paper, wood, metal, and others, make a montage but like a base relief of the area. It is not just a plane but a plane
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Unformatted text preview: that has some condensed depth (like Greek sculpture). Think of the following: 1. Sky, middle and ground zone. 2. Space inside the elevation. 3. Relationships with the old but at the same time the new. 4. As much detail as possible. 5. Transitions from the inside to the outside. Make this montage/model on a board that can be pinned up showing context from Havana. In addition, draw a section at 1:50 scale through a typical part of you elevation. Show the following: 1. How light is controlled. 2. How ventilation is designed. 3. Structure and construction. 4. Space of the section. 5. Transitions from inside to outside....
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