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BUILDING COMMUNITIES A Place in Havana Cuba Last Assignment “Putting it all together” This last work should be an opportunity to design the final project as well as present it in a form that others can understand. The work for the final review, for a potential publication and to show to Cuba should consist of the following: 1. All models, drawings, sketches, and panels from the semester to show the process of design. 2. Detailed new model at 1:250 showing as much detail as possible of both buildings and public space. There should also be enough context to indicate surrounding site. 3. Plans of three floors at 1:250 including ground floor and other typical floors. These drawings should be rendered and labeled to show uses as well as form. 4. Sections (at least three) through the site at 1:100 showing architecture,
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Unformatted text preview: light and ventilation. 5. Elevation (at least one) at 1:250 rendered to show the relationship to the existing context. 6. A new statement indicating attitude, idea, and program of your project. A short paragraph should be included. (The paragraph should be done several days before so that Robert can make a program for you for the review.) 7. One board (or more) to indicate your idea of housing both in physical form and social/economic implications. 8. One board to show what the special architectural, social, and political issues of your project are (that makes it different from other projects). 9. An abstract model at 1:1000 shown on a site plan of a larger area or aerial photo (to give to Cuba to put into their larger model and in the same style and colors). 10. Any thing else that you want to show....
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