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NORTHERN VIRGINIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE (ANNANDALE) ECONOMICS 201 (MACROECONOMICS) TTH 11.00-12.15 Spring 2010 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. JACINTHA JAYATILAKE OFFICE : CN214 A OFFICE HOURS : TTH 8.00-9.30/W 5.30-7.30 or by appointment. PHONE : (703) 323-2154 FAX: (703) 323-3791 LIBERAL ARTS OFFICE : (703) 323-3246 E-MAIL : [email protected] Web site: COURSE OBJECTIVES a. To provide students with knowledge related to the working of the American economic system in order to encourage conceptual and critical thinking. b. To provide students with conceptual tools of analysis which will enable him/her to understand the measures and objectives of national economic policies c. To familiarize students with the accepted body of principles that forms the foundation of economic thought. d. To assist students in assuming his/her role as a well informed citizen in the community. e. To prepare students for higher-level economic courses at four-year institutions. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Four broad topics will be covered in class during this semester: a. Foundations of economic analysis b. National income and employment theory. c. Fiscal policy d. Monetary policy and stabilization policies REQUIRED TEXT: ECONOMICS: McConnell and Brue COURSE EVALUATION CRITERIA : To complete the course you must satisfy the following requirements. a) During the course of the semester you will be given 6 tests on assigned dates. If you complete all six tests you will be allowed to drop your lowest test grade. Each test
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This note was uploaded on 03/24/2010 for the course ECON 201 taught by Professor Fairchild during the Spring '08 term at Northern Virginia.

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