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ANTH 101 Test 4 Review Sheet Know definitions of the following terms or people: Syntax Morphology Phonology Grammar Morpheme Phoneme Sapir Glottochronology Indo-European Proto-Indo-European Broca’s area Wernicke’s area Vocal tract Larynx Acculturation Enculturation Pidgin language Voiced consonant Unvoiced consonant Affix Infix Old English Beowulf Middle English Isolating Agglutinizing Polysynthetic Cognate Jakob Grimm Great vowel shift Why do cultures change? Do all cultures borrow new ways of interacting with others (new behaviors like wage labor or capitalism) in the same way? What are “cultural copying rules? What kinds of programs do Cultural Anthropologists / Ethnologists sometimes participate in an effort to help the communities with which they work? How does human language differ from the kinds of communication systems that primates like chimpanzees or vervet monkeys use? How does the ability chimpanzees (like Washoe) trained to use symbols compare to the number of words used by human children? At what age do human children
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