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Bio 124L Spring 2010 Biological Macromolecules Scientific Paper Guidelines (SP1-10 pts) Rough Draft due Feb 15-19, 2010 FINAL DRAFT due Feb 22-26, 2010 **FAILURE TO SUBMIT 1) FINAL DRAFT, 2) ROUGH DRAFT AND 3) STUDENT PEER REVIEW DURING FEB 22-26 WILL RESULT IN A ZERO GRADE.** **NOT FOLLOWING THESE GUIDELINES WILL COST YOU POINTS!!** This scientific paper (SP1) will focus on Results, Discussion, Graphs and Tables and In-text citations. All other aspects of a scientific paper (Introductory Background, Materials and Methods and End-of-paper citations will be covered later in the semester). General Requirements (Refer to “Writing Scientific Papers” – this can be downloaded from the lab web site or see Appendix B of your lab manual): Scientific Papers MUST be typed, single-spaced with 1” margins, double sided, 4 pages maximum. Scientific Papers are due at the beginning of class. Late papers will receive a zero. Use spellchecker! Assemble the paper in the correct order (Title Page, Introduction {Hypothesis & Predictions} Results, Discussion, Tables, Figures) Graphs and Tables MUST be computer generated - refer to the “Graphing Instructions” handout on the web. No sentence fragments (use grammar check!). NO direct quotes!! Be concise yet thorough. First person writing is acceptable. Proofread, proofread, proofread. (Recommendation: Visit CAPS with your editorial questions!) DO NOT plagiarize or cheat !! Do not wait until the night before to begin your report!! o If you need help, go to the Reference Desk in the Centennial Library For extra help with writing, Refer to Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences, 2 nd Edition , McMillan (on reserve in CSEL) – reference page numbers will appear throughout these guidelines in the following format: WPBS pg.X Suggested Breakdown of Points: Format (0.5 pt.) – Include General Requirements (WPBS pg. 120-154) Cover/title page Descriptive title Label each section Number all pages – 4 pages maximum No lists (write out everything in complete sentences)!
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