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Bio 124L Spring 2010 Due next lab (Mar 2-6, 2010) The purpose of this homework assignment is to provide more experience with library research and to help you practice proper citation methods for your scientific papers. Please staple and/or paper clip all the necessary pages together before turning in your assignment. For extra help with writing, Refer to Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences, 2 nd Edition , McMillan, pg 7-21 (on reserve in CSEL). **ALL ANSWERS MUST BE NUMBERED AND SUBMITTED ON THE ANSWER SHEET PROVIDED – DO NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS OR EXTRANEOUS INFORMATION. PRINT-OUTS OF ABSTRACTS, ARTICLES, AND WEBSITES MUST BE STAPLED TO THE ANSWER SHEET IN ORDER . PAPERS THAT DO NOT FOLLOW THIS FORMAT WILL NOT BE GRADED. ** 1. (1 pt) When biologists conduct a literature review of a subject, they often begin by searching an electronic database of published, scholarly articles. These databases, such as Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Academic Search Complete, or PubMed, can be accessed from the Centennial Science & Engineering Library's webpage (http://elibrary.unm.edu/csel/). For your first problem, you must find an article about a medical condition caused by cell membrane dysfunction using one the databases mentioned above. Print out the abstract of the article (the abstract only!) and turn it in with your homework. On the answer page provided, TYPE the citation of the article in the space corresponding to problem 1 (for proper citation format see “Writing Scientific Papers”). 2.
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wk6-Cell_MembranesHmwk - Bio 124L Cell Structure and...

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