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BUAD 311 Operations Management Fall 2009, Chen Midterm I solutions Section A: Multiple Choices [18 points, 2 points per part; no partial credit] 1. Located in Trojan Food Court, Freshh is a sandwich store specialized in exotic and custom-made sandwich. Customers would first line up to place and pick up the order, then pay for it. Freshh has two workers taking orders and preparing the sandwiches, and one cashier accepting payment. Currently, the cashier is the bottleneck resource. Which of the following will NOT improve the capacity of Freshh? a. Team up with other fast-foods stores to create a single line for payment in Trojan Food Court b. Using inventory and pre-prepare sandwich to smooth the cashier utilization c. Cross-training the cashier and workers d. Hire one more cashier Answer : b 2. Kristen realizes that the bottleneck resource is the oven, which produces 6 dozen cookies per hour. A friend would like to give Kristen her old oven, which produces 3 dozen cookies per hour. If Kristen accepts the old oven, the new hourly capacity for Kristen Cookie would be? a. 3 dozen b. 6 dozen c. 9 dozen d. Between 6 and 9, the actual number depending on other resources Answer : d 3. At GS coffee shop, one cashier takes orders and one skilled worker prepares the orders. It takes a total of 5 minutes to finish both order-taking and preparing stages for a customer. The capacity of GS coffee shop is a. 12 customers per hour b. Greater than 12 customers per hour c. Smaller than 12 customers per hour d. Depending on the actual demand Answer : b 4. According to the article “The Psychology of Waiting Lines”, which of the following may NOT help raise the customer satisfaction? a. Provide menu and snacks for customers waiting to be served in the restaurant b. Give reasonable explanations to customers when flights are delayed c. Play soothing music while customers are being held on the phone and waiting to speak to a DMV customer representative d. Put mirrors next to the elevators in the hotel
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BUAD 311 Operations Management Fall 2009, Chen Answer : c For question 5 – 6 In an Excel worksheet, I generated 10,000 samples of a random variable by typing “=100 + rand()*300” in 10,000 cells. 5. What is the distribution of this random variable? a. Uniform [100, 300] b. Normal [100, 300] c. Uniform [0, 400] d. Uniform [ 100, 400] Answer : d 6. If I take the average of those 10,000 cells, the average will be very close to: a. 100 b. 200 c. 250 d. 300 Answer : c 7. Which of the following is TRUE about the case of West Coast University Clinic? a. The clinic should hire more physicians as they are short of doctors. b.
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311_Fall09_Midterm1 _Solution - BUAD 311 Operations...

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