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individuals and society

individuals and society - Social Studies 1 Standard X 11...

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114 Social Studies 1 - Standard - X D o different people react in the same way in similar situations. Why do people behave in different ways ? This peculiarity that a person keeps up in his thought and behaviour indicates his personality. What is personality ? G.W. Alport, a great psychologist, defines personality as the dynamic organisation of those psycho - physical system within the individual that determines his characteristic behaviour and thought. No one is without personality. The personality of an individual is the conglomeration of his physical and mental peculiarities such as his ways of behaviour, interest, aptitudes and so on. It is because of the difference in these factors that the people of similar outward features remain different in their personality. Heredity and Environment There are certain genetic factors that determine the personality of an individual. What are the factors that one acquires genetically ? ± Size of the body ± Colour of skin ± Features of the eyes ± Shape of nose ± Texture of hair ± Speech habit ± ± What are the other features that we inherit? Find out instances from your familiar surroundings. INDIVIDUAL INDIVIDUAL INDIVIDUAL INDIVIDUAL INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY AND SOCIETY AND SOCIETY AND SOCIETY AND SOCIETY 11 11 11 11 11
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115 Individual and society Is heredity the only factor that determines the personality ? Let us examine an incident. Two children of six and eight years of age who happened to live with wolves from birth were found in the forests of Midnapur in 1920. The young one (Amala) happened to die within a few months. The elder one (Kamala) walked and howled like wolves. Kamala knew no language. She acquired certain human characteristics through rigorous practice for nine years. But she too passed away at the age of seventeen. Is it not the influence of environment in the development of personality that this story proves. Co-existence is essentail for the healthy survival of mankind. Personality is developed through social relationships. Co-existence with other people is needed for the human being for his sustenance and healthy existence. Make a list of the environmental factors that influence the formation of the personality of an individual ± Geographical features ± Climate ± resources available ± Family ± Religious institutions ± Customs and rituals ± Social values ± Political atmosphere
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individuals and society - Social Studies 1 Standard X 11...

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