Chapter 19 Vocabulary

Chapter 19 Vocabulary - Chapter 19 Vocabulary Terms Product...

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Chapter 19 Vocabulary Terms Product specialization : when companies focused on one big product instead of many little ones Urbanization : the physical growth of urban areas from rural areas as a result of population immigration African America migration : moved cityward, seeking better employment and fleeing crop liens, ravages of the boll weevil on cotton crops, racial violence and political oppression The “new” immigration : Increased numbers of people came from eastern and southern Europe, plus small bands from Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Feared by long-settled Americans. Did not speak English, and worked in low skill job. Residential mobility : Few immigrants and in-migrants ever stayed in one place for long Occupational mobility : Immigrations generally experienced less upward and more downward mobility that the native-born did (They got the worst jobs, no promotions). The whiter and smarter you are, the better your job position. Acquisition of property as a means of social mobility : Social status/uprising based upon the property you own. (More land and larger houses makes you higher in society.) Urban Borderlands : multiethnic neighborhoods where a diversity of people, identities, and lifestyles co-existed Ghettos : highly segregated areas used to control a certain group/culture. Such as Jews in the time of Hitler. Chinese Exclusion Act : Suspended Chinese immigration and prohibited naturalization of those already in the United States Geary Act : passed in 1892, extended the Chinese Exclusion Act. required all Chinese residents of the United States to carry a
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Chapter 19 Vocabulary - Chapter 19 Vocabulary Terms Product...

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