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HW11_sol - Type you full name at the top of the page and...

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Homework 11 Due March 3 or 4 Create the form defined by Problem #2, p. 235 (a copy of the form is shown below). Do not do the remainder of the problem except place a button on a worksheet so that when the button is pressed, the form will appear and when the “Cancel” button is pressed on the form, the form will disappear . After you have created the form, click the button to cause the form to appear, and while the form is active, hold down the “ Alt ” key and hit the “ Print Screen ” key. Open a blank document in Microsoft Word.
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Unformatted text preview: Type you full name at the top of the page and hit the “ Enter ” key a couple of times, and then while holding down the “ Ctrl ” key, hit the “ V ” key (i.e., paste from the clipboard). Get a printout and turn in a copy of your completed form. The code associated with the form contains Option Explicit ‘ Richard Feldman Private Sub btnCancel_Click() frmSports.Hide End Sub The code within the module contains Option Explicit ' Richard Feldman Sub ShowForm() frmSports.Show End Sub...
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