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Internship Resume - • Helped repair the walls of storm...

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Matthew Lingam [email protected] Campus Address: Permanent Address: 659 Cary Quadrangle 20 4 th Street 1016 W. Stadium Ave Park Ridge, NJ 07656 West Lafayette, In 47906 (201)-621-2819 (201)-621-2819 OBJECTIVE To acquire a summer internship in the field of civil engineering with an emphasis in environmental. To gain experience with a company to hone my skills. EDUCATION Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN Degree Expected: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Graduation: May, 2012 GPA: 2.87/4.0 RELEVANT COURSE WORK Calculus Levels I-III Basic Mechanics Statics/Dynamics Intro to Structural Mechanics Linear Algebra Engineering Materials I Physics Electricity and Optics, Modern Mechanics General Chemistry EXPERIENCE Town of Park Ridge Maintenance of Park Ridge High , Park Ridge, NJ; Maintenance; Summers of 2006 and 2007 Helped paint parts of the school Cleaned classrooms and replaced everything completely back to normal Town of Park Ridge Dept. of Public Works , Park Ridge, NJ; Part-Time Road; Summer of 2008
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Unformatted text preview: • Helped repair the walls of storm drains • Cleaned out storm drains that were filled with rubble • Helped with a variety of road work Town of Woodcliff Lake Hilton , Woodcliff Lake, NJ; Bellman; Summer of 2009 • Interacted with various amounts of people • Helped people with their luggage and drove them to restaurants in the area • Good comments from guests and received a letter from a couple explaining how their stay was worthwhile on account of my hospitality AFFILIATIONS • Purdue University Men’s Track and Field Team (2008-2009) • Environmental Science Club, Member • Cary Quadrangle Northeast, Vice President • Boiler Green Initiative, Member • Club Soccer, Member COMPUTER AND TECHNICAL SKILLS • MATLAB and LABVIEW with experience from Engineer Problem Solving and Computing Tool • Two years using AutoCAD in High school. With another semester in Graphics for CE and construction...
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Internship Resume - • Helped repair the walls of storm...

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