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Matthew Lingam 1/23/09 Dear Sam, So I just went to a party here, and man was it insane. First of all, there were two kegs of Coors light, and that by itself is just amazing. It was cool because I was with a bunch of my friends here, and I also met a lot of people who I never knew all that well. Anyway, I was playing some pong, and I was just dominating everyone. It was my friend rob and me, and I was just sinking every cup that I saw. I was on fire at one point, and hit three more cups while on fire. When I get home we are definitely going to play with each other again and tear it up. I never even got to play with you over winter break because you
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Unformatted text preview: were gone for Tracy’s party. Anyway, we have to play again. Dear Dad, I went to my first college party here, and I am just writing to let you know that it was fun, but I did not drink or get caught or anything. I played a few games of pong, but lost after a few so I really didn’t drink that much. I did meet a lot of new people though, and that was cool because most of my friends are on the track team, and it is nice to move away from that circle at some points in life. Anyway if you have any questions, just give me a call....
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