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Nithin Thampi Mr. Biggar US History 11H 3/22/10 Often in time when problems start to occur and it leads to the undermining of a society, the problem must be tackled to move toward better conditions and new policies. This is the definition of Progressivism. During the 1890s, problems started to occur with the increase of industrialization, urbanization, and immigrations and these problems had to be resolved. People such as the muckrakers took some measures in the political, social, and economic aspects of society in order to achieve their goals. The Progressive era began in the 1890s when industrialization, urbanization, and immigration produced challenging political, social, and economical problems. U.S. Senator Elihu Root in his 1913 speech explained how the progressive reform came to be. It was started in order to restore society but also bring upon new laws and limits on the powers of government for the benefit of America. Additionally the government overused its power with the use of money to inexcusable waste instead of using the money to benefit society of the common people as President Woodrow Wilson said in his first inaugural address. With this problem uprising, people had the duty to stop it and correct this. Therefore, that is how the Progressive Era began.
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progressivism - Nithin Thampi Biggar US History 11H Mr....

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