MIDTERM_2005 - LIST A (Lectures) LIST B (textbook) MAD...

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THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA POLITICAL SCIENCE 260 001 INTRODUCTION TO GLOBAL POLITICS WINTER SESSION 2005 (Term 1): MID-TERM EXAM Instructor: Allen Sens Time: 50 minutes Instructions: This exam has three parts. Allocate your time carefully. IMPORTANT: Answer PART III in a separate booklet, and hand this booklet in to the appropriate T.A. Print your name and student number on each booklet you hand in. Good luck! PART I. Essay Question (2-3 pages double spaced): (from Lectures and Textbook). (Value: 40 marks) Describe and discuss the significance of power in the realist theory of international relations. Do you find this interpretation of power and its role in global politics convincing? Is there another theory of international relations that has a description and interpretation of power that you find more accurate? Why? PART II. Short Answers (1 page double spaced): state the significance of one (1) term from List A and one (1) term from List B. (value: 20 marks each)
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Unformatted text preview: LIST A (Lectures) LIST B (textbook) MAD Peace of Westphalia War Collapse of the Soviet Union Leader Model Responses to Terrorism PART III. Answer this question in a separate booklet ! Essay Answers to T.A. Questions: (from Tutorial Readings and Tutorial Discussion) You must answer the question submitted by your T.A . (20 marks) What are the main advantages and disadvantages of living in a unipolar world lead by the US? Discuss with reference to at least two of the seminar readings. Since September the 11th, the United States has come to epitomize realist understandings of how states behave. Discuss in relation to the war in Iraq or its nuclear weapons policy. Refer to two relevant readings in your answer. Thomas A. Frank and John Yoo present different legal perspectives with respect to the US invasion of Iraq. Did the United States have a legal case to use force against Iraq? What are the legal arguments to support your answer?...
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MIDTERM_2005 - LIST A (Lectures) LIST B (textbook) MAD...

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