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Lenyatta Kiles 1 June 2009 English 100 Professor Juntilla “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates Discussion Questions 1. Analyze Oates’s portrayal of Connie and Connie’s friends. What does this tell you about teenage girls? Oates describes Connie and her friends as obnoxious, they seem to crave attention and they do things to get attention, such as the way they dress and act in public. “They must have been familiar sights, walking around the shopping plaza in their shorts and flat ballerina slippers that always scuffed the sidewalk, with charm bracelets jingling on their thin wrists; they would lean together to whisper and laugh secretly if someone passed who amused or interested them” (Oates 338). 2. Analyze Connie’s relationship with her parents. How does her relationship with her mother affect her behavior? How does her relationship with her father affect her behavior? The story describes Connie’s relationship with her parents as nonexistent with her father and as a love-hate relationship with her mother. Connie’s mother is constantly telling her to not be so conceded it comes off as jealousy when reading, the story mentions her mother was once beautiful old age took her looks and this is why she is always on Connie’s case. “Her mother had been once too, if you could believe those old snapshots in the album, but now her looks were gone and that was why she was always after Connie” (Oates 337). Connie’s relationship with her father affects her behavior because for most teenage girls their father is sort of their protector, Connie’s father works, comes home, eats and sleep. This is probably why Connie is so eager to meet new boys to have a sort of father figure that she is missing at home. 3. What does Connie desire from boys? What does she know about them? How do teenage boys act in
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Questions - Lenyatta Kiles 1 June 2009 English 100...

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