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1Exam One Human Geography Fall 2009

1Exam One Human Geography Fall 2009 - Human Geography 1101...

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Human Geography 1101 Exam One Booklet Number ___________ Make no marks on this test booklet. Copy the booklet number above to the Test Number field on the Scantron answer sheet. Put your Class ID in the Period field on the Scantron. Part One – 3 points each (75 points) Select the answer that best completes the statement 1. The portion of the body that controls most of our involuntary reactions is the a. Liver b. Stem cell c. Sympathetic Nervous System d. Anxiety e. Eyes 2. Our closest animal relatives are a. monkeys b. Old World primates c. Chimpanzees d. Forest and Lowland Gorillas e. Orangutan 3. The skeleton of “Lucy” shows major difference between her and other primates, namely a. long arms to balance as she walks b. hip structure that allows a bipedal gait c. teeth that indicate she was a hunter of small game d. fingers that permitted holding tools e. binocular eye sockets 4. Man is classified as a. a great ape b. a hominid c. Homo ergaster d. a Neanderthal e. Habilis 5. Evolution is defined as a. the survival of the fittest b. a process of small biological changes over time to living organisms c. a controversial theory d. the results of Darwin’s research on the “Beagle e. creationism 6. The classification hominid is reserved for animals that a. are bipedal b. have long arms and sharp teeth c. can use fire d. make tools e. evolved to man
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7. A sign that an animal defends a territory is a. marking b. barking c. moving young from one nest to another d. paths on the ground e. biting 8. One way of proving that a behavior is controlled by genes is a. DNA testing b. noting that the behavior occurs in a wide range of cultures c. testing all children for the behavior when they reach school age
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1Exam One Human Geography Fall 2009 - Human Geography 1101...

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