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Sheet 4 Page 1 Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine Department of Aeronautics Second Year Structural Mechanics and Dynamics II Tutorial Sheet 4 1. Find, from first principles, the second moments of area of the sections shown in figures 1a and 1b. Both sections are thin-walled with a wall thickness t. R R R 4a 3a (a) (b) Figure 1 2. An aircraft fuselage has a circular cross-section, as shown in figure 2a. The outer skin has a thickness t and the section has a radius R, measured to the mid thickness line of the skin. The skin itself is stiffened by a series of Z-stiffeners shown in detail in figure
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Unformatted text preview: 2b. The stiffeners are mounted at 10 degree angles around the circumference of the skin and stiffeners lie on the vertical and horizontal diameters. Idealise the cross-section by assuming that only the cross-sectional area of the stiffener, and not its detailed Z-shape, need be used. Find the second moment of areas xy yy xx I I I . If the fuselage section is subjected to a bending moment x M then show how the stress at the point labelled A in figure 2b is determined for the stiffener at the top of the vertical diameter. (a) a 2a a (b) t t R a=0.1R A Figure 2...
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