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Tutorial Sheet 4-2009

Tutorial Sheet 4-2009 - position of the idealised section...

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Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine Department of Aeronautics Second Year Structural Mechanics and Dynamics II Tutorial Sheet 4 1. Idealise the tube cross-section of figure 1 of tutorial sheet 2 so that all of the direct stress carrying capability of the tube walls is lumped in the booms, as shown in figure 1. Choose a suitable method for finding the boom areas B 1 to B 3 . Find the shear centre
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Unformatted text preview: position of the idealised section and compare this with the value found in the previous question. B 1 B 1 B 2 B 2 B 3 B 3 96 48 16 16 t=2 All units mm Figure 1 2. Determine the shear centre of the idealised section shown in figure 2. 90 130 180 All boom areas = 120mm All wall thicknesses for direct stress are zero All units mm 2 Figure 2 Sheet 4 Page 1...
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  • Winter '09
  • S.PinhoandM.Aliabadi
  • Harshad number, shear centre, Structural Mechanics and Dynamics II, boom areas, shear centre position

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