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Tutorial Sheet 6-2009 - circuit consists of two rods AB and...

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Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine Department of Aeronautics Second Year Structural Mechanics and Dynamics II Tutorial Sheet 6 1. Two rigid rods of equal length L are connected together with a pin and a rotational spring of stiffness k. The two other ends of the rods are pinned so that they are free to move horizontally. The whole assembly is collinear. It is loaded by compressive loads P. Find the buckling load of the system. P P k L L 2. An idealised representation of part of a control rod is shown in the figure. The
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Unformatted text preview: circuit consists of two rods AB and BC pin jointed at B. Rod AB has a flexural rigidity EI but rod BC can be considered as completely rigid. AB is built in at A. End C of rod BC is pinned and can slide freely along the line ABC. There is no external support at B. Find the buckling load of the system and discuss the variation of the buckling load as b/a takes all values between -∞ and + ∞ . Sketch the buckled form of the system in the principal ranges of b/a P A B C a b Sheet 5 Page 1...
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