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Sheet 8 Page 1 Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine Department of Aeronautics Second Year Structural Mechanics and Dynamics II Tutorial Sheet 8 1. Determine the magnitude and direction of the maximum direct and shear stresses for each of the following two-dimensional stress fields. Use either Mohr’s circle or the stress transformation equations. x y All absolute stress values are σ . 2. A two dimensional element of skin material is orientated at an angle φ to the horizontal x-axis. In this orientation, the stresses acting on it are only shear stresses,
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Unformatted text preview: τ . What would be the stresses on an element at the same point but orientated to be parallel to the x and y axes? φ t τ τ τ x y 3. A 45˚ strain rosette is mounted in the skin of an aeroplane wing. When the wing is loaded the measured strains are: ε a = 500 μ : ε b =200 μ : ε c =300 μ Determine: a) The principal strains and the principal angle. Sketch the orientation of these. b) The maximum shear strain. x y ε a ε b ε c 45 o...
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