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Drama Journal Entry

Drama Journal Entry - Dorina Jaubelli English 220 Professor...

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Dorina Jaubelli English 220 Professor Ko The Tempest The Tempest is praised as one of Shakespeare’s finest works, one may wonder why this may be. A possible reason could be the way characters psychologically develop throughout the five acts. Specifically, the development of Prospero and Miranda, who changed their way of thoughts to be in complete opposition of who they are introduced as. Prospero and Miranda both change due to a realization, which is caused by the acceptance of the past, present and/or love. Prospero wronged by his brother is disillusioned by this betrayal, in exile he becomes physically detached from society and emotionally detached due to his dependence on Ariel and magic. He is the protagonist of the story however, the way he treats Caliban and Ariel and the use of magic make him appear vengeful and less liked in the eyes of the reader. From the beginning of the plot, Prospero wants revenge and makes it clear that he wants his position as Duke of Milan back, even causing a deadly storm risking his brother’s life. He becomes
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