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Manu Gill Biol 140 experiment proposal Treatments Range. The range of light intensity used in our experiment is between 1-700 lux. The numbers are based on the range that we believe the dugesia experiences in its natural environment. The fact that dugesia live at the bottom of lakes, ponds and rivers the amount of light intensity ranges based on the type of environment they inhabit. For instance if the organism lives in a eutrophic lake with a high number of organism at the surface very little light would reach the bottom, or if the inhabit a eulictrophic lake which would be clear more light would reach the bottom thus resulting in a higher light intensity in the dugesia’s habitat. The amount in terms of lux is based on the knowledge that the changing lux experience with respect to time of day and amount of sunlight in the environment ( ~1 lux in moonlight and ~10000 lux sunlight) Treatment levels The three treatment levels are created by using different types of paper filters covering
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Unformatted text preview: the open slits in the boxes (clear acetate, black plastic and cheese cloth) by measuring the light intensity inside the box we attempt to represent the intensity experienced by the organism. Furthermore in order to achieve our results all three treatments are tested at the same time in order to maintain a similar experience outside of light intensity for each trial. Treatment control The control will be the partially shaded box (cheese cloth) as this provides a basis for comparing activity of the organism in full or completely shaded light. ~350 lux. Although the usual conditions of the organism is dependent on its habitat the control in our experiment is an attempt to find and average condition which all organisms regardless of habitat may experience. These are my basic point, I am going to need ~2 mins, if need I can go up to ~4min if the rest of the presentations takes less than 6mins just let me know tomorrow....
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