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1 Your Name _____________________________ Your student number ______________ Partner’s name ___________________________ Date _______________Lab section_______ EXPERIMENT 9: DIRECT CURRENT CIRCUITS Learning goal: To become famialar enough with voltage and current measurments to connect series and parallel circuit formulae with actual circuit measurements. Introduction Electric current is due to the flow of charges. Charge is conserved and therefore so is current. If we follow current in circuits, then the current into and out of junctions must be conserved. This is Kirchhof’s junction rule. Current is produced by voltage differences. The sum of voltage differences around a circuit loop must be zero, and this is the loop rule. The loop rule is simply a statement of changes in potential energy. You know if you go for a walk in the hills but come back to where you started, all the changes in potential energy will add up to zero. Getting comfortable with wires and stuff (10 minutes) Lighting up a bulb. For this step all we need is a light bulb, the power supply and 2 wires. Let’s make sure we see how a light bulb works. First unscew the light bulb from the holder it is in. Next plug in one of the wires provided into the plus side of the power supply, and plug another wire into the minus side. Then turn on the supply and increase the voltage to 5 volts. Now
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RelativeResourceManager - 1 Your Name _ Partners name _...

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