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Block 3 review 1. What is involved with lung perfusion? 2. When your examining a pt with COPD you would take into consideration certain things like signs and symptoms of? Lung sounds? Skins? Pertinent hx? 3. What is the volume that we breathe, what is tidal volume? How do you assess? 4. What is diffusion? 5. Pt’s with COPD don’t have adequate surfactant, its important that they have surfactant to prevent what? What does surfactant actually do? 6. There are certain parts of the respiratory tree that are considered functional, what are they? Alveoli 7. A pt exposed to a toxic gas, what would you do as first responders? In order 8. You have a pt that gas pink frothy sputum and SOB with BP <80, what kind of Rx would we give this pt? What medications might you use? 9. If pt from above is unconscious what might you do? 10. What is the difference between cardioversion and defibrillation? 11. If the CO2 is elevated, what does the PH in the CSF do? 12. You have a pt that has a smoking hx, has a barrel chest, wheezing, what kind of complications can a pt like this develop? 13. The amount of resistance that the left ventricle has to overcome during systole is? 14. What is the appropriate Rx for a 42yr old female with SVT and pregnant? 15. You have a pt that has no med hx, SOB, recent cough, stable vitals but O2 stat under 90% what might you do? Give O2, POC 16. Who is a candidate for thybrolinic therapy for MI’s 17. What would cause ST elevation? 18. We have a pt with CHF, no wheezes, how do we Rx pt? remember dopamine 19. If we have a pt with angina what would we most likely not see on a 12lead? ST elevation 20. What causes PEA? 21. What are the linings of the chest cavity?
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Block_3_review - Block 3 review 1 What is involved with...

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