ex6_13 - xlabel('\omega') ylabel('Magnitude')

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% Example 6.13 % w = -300:300; S = .1*sinc(.1*w/2/pi).*exp(-.05*j*w); subplot(221),plot(w,abs(S)) axis([-300 300 0 .1]) xlabel('\omega') ylabel('Magnitude') subplot(223),plot(w,angle(S)*180/pi); xlabel('\omega') ylabel('Angle (deg)') axis([-300 300 -200 200]) pause p % modulation by cosine wc = 1000; w = -1500:1500; S1 = sqrt(2)*(.05*sinc(.1*(w-wc)/2/pi).*exp(-.05*j*(w-wc)). .. +.05*sinc(.1*(w+wc)/2/pi).*exp(-.05*j*(w+wc))); subplot(211),plot(w,abs(S1))
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Unformatted text preview: xlabel('\omega') ylabel('Magnitude') subplot(212),plot(w,angle(S1)*180/pi); xlabel('\omega') ylabel('Angle (deg)') pause p % modulation by sine S2 = -sqrt(2)*(-.05*j*sinc(.1*(w-wc)/2/pi).*exp(-.05*j*(w-wc)). .. +.05*j*sinc(.1*(w+wc)/2/pi).*exp(-.05*j*(w+wc))); subplot(211),plot(w,abs(S2)) xlabel('\omega') ylabel('Magnitude') subplot(212),plot(w,angle(S2)*180/pi); xlabel('\omega') ylabel('Angle (deg)')...
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