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% Example 9.25 % % Analog Butterworth filter design % % design an 3-pole filter with a bandwidth of 5 Hz % [z,p,k] = buttap(3); % 3 pole filter [b,a] = zp2tf(z,p,k); % convert the zeros and poles to polynomials wb = 5*2*pi; % new bandwidth in rad/sec [b,a] = lp2lp(b,a,wb); % transforms to the new bandwidth f = 0:15/200:15; % define the freq. in Hz for plotting w = 2*pi*f; [mag,phase] = bode(b,a,w);
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Unformatted text preview: fprintf('2 pole filter \n') % print to MATLAB command window disp('b = ');disp(b'); disp('a = ');disp(a'); % % plot versus frequency in Hz clf subplot(211) plot(f,mag) ylabel('|H| dB') xlabel('Frequency (Hz)') title('Example 9.25 Lowpass Filter Design') subplot(212) plot(f,phase) ylabel('Angle(H), degrees') xlabel('Frequency (Hz)') subplot(111)...
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