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% Produces Figure 4.13 % % demonstrates the relationship between the % Fourier Series and the Fourier Transform % T = input('Input T ') w0 = 2*pi/T; % plot for frequencies -30 to 30 N = 30/w0; c0 = 1/T; k=1:N; ck = [sin(k*pi/T)/pi./k]; w = [w0*k 0 -w0*k]; Tck = T*abs([ck c0 ck]); clf subplot(211),stem(w,Tck)
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Unformatted text preview: % The plot in the text was generated using stem(w/pi,Tcn) % and the pi's along the x axis were added by hand. % The x label was also added by hand. axis([-30 30 0 1.25]) title(['Figure 4.13, T = ',num2str(T)]) ylabel('T|ck|') xlabel('Frequency (rad/sec)') subplot(111)...
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