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Waves on a String 4- 1 W AVES ON A S TRING Objectives: • Measure the frequency, wavelength, and speed of waves on a string • Examine how string mass, tension, and length affect the resonant frequency To Do Before Lab: • Read this lab • Review Taylor Ch. 3 and think about how the error propagation formulas will be applied in this lab Apparatus: Strings, masses, loudspeaker, function generator, oscilloscope, meter sticks, strobe light, tuning fork. Begin with 1kg on the string. Introduction: Vibrating strings have been used throughout the world, for thousands of years, to produce musical sounds. Familiar examples include the violin, piano, ukulele, zither, and harp. In this lab you will investigate some of the basic phenomena common to all stringed instruments. When a stretched string is disturbed by a source (usually plucking near an end of the string or stroking with a bow), a wave train is produced which travels along the string away from the source. When the wave reaches the end of the string it reflects and travels back toward the source end where it reflects again, and so forth. In general, the waves travelling along the string in opposite directions will interfere with each other in a complicated way and no regular wave pattern will appear on the string. However, for the right combination of frequency, wave speed, and string length, a standing wave or resonance will occur. Standing waves are produced when two sinusoidal waves of equal amplitude and frequency travel through a medium in opposite directions. In this case, the waves traveling in opposite directions
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L4_StandingWaves - Waves on a String 4-1 WAVES ON A STRING...

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