Q1_S08_key - Name _A. Key_ CHEM 114 Quiz 1A (6) 1. Predict...

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Name __A. Key___________ Dr. A. H. Martin CHEM 114 Quiz 1A January 24, 2008 (6) 1. Predict the following and justify your prediction, a) A compound dissolves in water in such a fashion that the enthalpy of solution, ∆H soln , is positive. Would this process be better used as a chemical hot pack or a chemical cold pack? Cold pack – a positive ∆H soln indicates that heat is absorbed during the solution process. This causes the solution to appear cold to the surroundings. Thus, it works as a portable cold pack. b) After a long period of stirring a solid solute in a solvent, some undissolved solute is still present. Is the resulting solution a saturate, super saturated or unsaturated solution? Saturated – since there is both dissolved and undissolved solute present, it can be assumed that the dissolve solute and undissolved solute are in equilibrium. This is the condition required for a saturated solution. c) Which will neutralize more acid a 0.50 M Ba(OH) 2 solution of a 0.50 N Ba(OH) 2 solution? 0.50 M Ba(OH) 2 this will neutralize 2 moles of acid (2 equivalents of acid per mole of Ba(OH) 2 while the 0.15 N solution will only neutralize 1 equivalent of acid equivalent of Ba(OH)
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Q1_S08_key - Name _A. Key_ CHEM 114 Quiz 1A (6) 1. Predict...

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