Study Guide Exam 2 (Fall 08)

Study Guide Exam 2 (Fall 08) - Social Deviance (Soc 206)...

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Social Deviance (Soc 206) Instructor: Jonathan R. Brauer Study Guide for Exam #1 You should be able to define these terms, recognize examples, and provide examples yourself. Please note that this is only a guide to help you study, and therefore lists only some of the material that was covered in class and in your readings! If you read the assigned chapters/articles, you know the material we covered in class, and you can relate examples from the readings to the main points covered in lecture (and in Powerpoint or Overhead notes), you should do fine on this test! Basic knowledge of general sociological concepts - Sociological Imagination - Individual reductionism - Sociological paradigms o Conflict theory o Structural Functionalism o Symbolic interactionism Research methods - Quantitative & Qualitative research - Strengths & weaknesses of data types - Populations and samples - Hypotheses; independent and dependent variables Social construction of deviance - Social construction of deviance o Drug scares o Moral enterprise (moral entrepreneurs; moral panics)
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Study Guide Exam 2 (Fall 08) - Social Deviance (Soc 206)...

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