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final paper - a Is this program/policy effective...

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Evaluating a Social Welfare Policy or Program Due Tues May 11 @ 5pm; Recommended Length: 3-4 pgs 1. Briefly describe a social policy or social welfare program and characterize it in terms of its political leaning. a. Describe the major elements of the program; i. What problem or problems does it purport to address? ii. How does it view this (these) problems: are they the result of individual actions & decisions, structural or institutional conditions or simple random chance ? iii. What type of intervention(s) does the policy/program propose? That is: what should we DO about it? b. In your opinion, what is the political leaning of this program? That is: show how it is a conservative-leaning, liberal-leaning or social democratic leaning program. Give at least two pieces of evidence to support your view. 2. Critically Evaluate the policy or program
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Unformatted text preview: a. Is this program/policy effective, ineffective or possibly counter-productive in terms of the problem(s) it seeks to address? i. Support your position by detailing at least 2 strengths or weaknesses (flaws) you see in the program/policy. ii. Note that it is perfectly legitimate to give the program/policy a mixed review – in which case you need to demonstrate both some strengths AND some weaknesses or flaws in the program OPTIONAL (= 5 % extra credit) : Proposal for change (add about 1-page) 1. Should the program be EXPANDED? Should it be TWEAKED? Should it be DRASTICALLY or RADICALLY altered, or simply TERMINATED altogether? 2. List at least one significant change you’d make and explain how this change would improve upon the program/policy’s weaknesses or limitations....
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