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Wilson’s basic causal model: the “social isolation” thesis * General Social Malaise refers to marginal increases in things like loitering, petty violence (fist fights etc), petty vandalism and crime, gambling, public drunkenness etc. ** Business transformation refers to the replacement of community enhancing business to community exploiting businesses such as liquor stores, currency exchanges and lottery venues. Poverty Rates pass critical “tipping point” Social institutions erode Property erodes Business leave or transform ”** Criminals enter; gangs thrive, etc. Middle clas exodus of Role models Civic leader Squeaky wheels Technological advances in industrial production Lower trade restrictions to cheap foreign manufacture goods Decreased demand for labor, especially manufacturing labor in the
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Unformatted text preview: inner city. Deindustrialization Hi pay, union manufacturing jobs replaced by low pay non union service jobs. Increased unemploym ent among men w/o advanced education De-concentration Manufacturing jobs moving to suburbs, ALL jobs moving outward. Economic, legal and social barriers to black middle class residential mobility decrease . Increased idleness among men which creates general social malaise* The poor becom socially isolated: Little access to work, job info. Lifestyles not compatible w work. Crime, drug use, OWB not abnormal. MMPI plummets OWB rate skyrockets Youth Implosion • Delinquency • Dropout • Drop from lab force • Alt economy • Incarceration Increasing inequality w/in black community btw higher educated and professionals and manual labor workers....
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