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sw206 syllabus spr 2010 version 2 (2)

sw206 syllabus spr 2010 version 2 (2) - SSW 206 Spring 2010...

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SSW 206 Spring 2010 The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Social Work Social Work 206 Spring 2010 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL POLICY Instructor: Eric D. Lock E-mail: See learn @ UW course page (in emergencies email: [email protected] Office: 315 Social Work Bldg, 1350 University Ave., Phone: 263-3665 Office Hours: 11-12am Mondays & Wednesdays, 315 Social Work 1. Catalogue Description Social Work 206 provides an awareness of problems and concepts of the policy process in the U.S., exploring the political, economic, and institutional frameworks which structure public social welfare choices. 2. Course Overview Social Work 206 is an undergraduate survey course available to undergraduate social work and social welfare majors and other interested students. The students will be introduced to alternative perspectives on the need for social policy, the ethical responsibilities and values underlying a social work approach, and the scope and limitations of social policy and the policy making process. A major focus of this course is promoting an understanding of the causes and consequence of poverty, including its definitions (what does it mean to be "poor"); demography (who is poor and how has that changed over time?) and alternative explanations (racism, sexism, social change, economic organization, public policy and the welfare system). Student will also be given a review of the major economic security programs in the US, with particular emphasis on the distinction between social insurance and welfare programs. Finally, a discussion of selected current issues in social policy will also be provided. 3. Objectives, Core Competencies and Practice Behaviors The main objectives of this course are: 1. Furthering the student's knowledge about the problems of populations-at-risk that might be lessened by policy intervention; 2. Furthering the student's knowledge about the history, content, and structure of social welfare policies, programs, and services in the U.S, focusing on furthering the student's knowledge about income support policy and increasing the student's understanding of the way income support policy interacts with other social policies and affects other social problems; 3. Furthering the student's knowledge about the effects of U.S. social policy, including the role of social policy in helping or deterring people in the maintenance or attainment of optimal health and well-being and in facilitating or hindering social inclusion; 4. Increasing the student's skills in policy analysis through a framework for analyzing policies in light 1
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SSW 206 Spring 2010 of principles of social and economic justice; 5. Furthering the student’s understanding of distributive justice, human and civil rights, and the global interconnectedness of oppression; 6. Furthering the student's understanding of the policy-making process, developing a commitment to policy advocacy, and sharpening the student’s skills to effectively advocate for nondiscriminatory, respectful, and culturally-sensitive practices in social and economic systems.
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sw206 syllabus spr 2010 version 2 (2) - SSW 206 Spring 2010...

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