3.7-dominance - Dominance & Aggression 1. Tuesday March...

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Tuesday March 10 th 2009 1. Flo was a dominant female who was comfortable with Jane - Had lot of offspring- able to study dominance - Falen and Figan worked together to become leaders in 1970s Inherited dominance from mom Flint was so sad when mom,Flo, died he died when 8 2. Chimp “Wars” - Jane Goodall began 1960 in Gombe National Park on shore of Lae Tanganyika, Tanzania - Talked about the “wars” within chimp communities last lecture. Provisioning – 1962-1967. Polio Outbreak in 1966 Provisioning lessened – 1967-1973. 1970 Kasakelga-Kahama communities begin to divide. 1972 Two distinct groups have become established 1974-1977 – Attacks on Kahama males Passion and Pom attacks on infants until 1978. - Provoked by banana provisioning? It brought them closer together. - Agriculture was also limiting chimp space. - Pom and Passion were females who would kill he babies of others. - These “wars” have been observed in other parts of Africa, but we do not know yet whether they are a “normal” yet rare occurrence, or something strange that should not be happening. 3. Professor Coe’s Study - How to move females between groups? - Females don’t readily accept new females, and would attack her. -
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3.7-dominance - Dominance & Aggression 1. Tuesday March...

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