ChimpMovie - Primate Psychology 2.26.09 Video:...

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Primate Psychology 2.26.09 Video: The New Chimpanzee Chimpanzees: - Share more than 97% of our genes - Invent; use tools o Tools were supposed to set us apart from animals o Use tools for ant fishing - May practice primitive medicine - Jane Goodall o First human to be excepted to chimpanzees - Bonobos = closely related to chimps - Have border patrols, warring animals - Political dominance o Alliances become apparent by seeing who grooms who - Monkey hunting o Males group together o Hunt colobus monkeys o Studying hunting in the African Woodland is the best way to observe how our ancestors may have developed o Enjoy eating meat with leaves (interesting because they may never touch these leaves without meat) o Makes traps to catch prey (blockers, drivers, etc) o Division of the meat - Infanticide and cannibalism o Males steal, kill, then feed on young (may possibly be their own offspring) - Chimps love to play o Very human-like - Cracking nuts o Not such as easy task o Examples of mother teaching offspring how to survive
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ChimpMovie - Primate Psychology 2.26.09 Video:...

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