3.5-chimps - Chimpanzee Communities and Behavior 1....

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Thursday March 5 th 2009 1. Chimpanzee Behavior - “Behavioral Units” – dispositions that determine how we choose to interact - Chimps As Pets No! Very unpredictable Ten times as strong as a human People like the babies, but when they get older they are wild. 2. Bonobos-endangered only live in very center of Africa - Scientific Name: Pan paniscus - More integrated, less fission/fusion. - Bipedal walking more frequently - They have sex. 3. The Common Chimpanzee-live in wider range, more in Western Africa - Scientific Name: Pan troglodytes - Knuckle-walking Spend a lot of time on the ground Monkeys walk with their palms flat - They will stand bipedally, but it’s not the most common way to find a chimp. Stand bipedally for displays, carrying things, or to gain height when looking for something. - Go back to the trees in the night - Build nests, not just find a branch like monkeys - Travel 6-10 miles per day, come down to ground - Research by Fiona Stewart: Do chimpanzees build comfortable nests?- They do. Initially chimps sleep with mother, as juvenile start making their own - Brain is about 1/3 the size of a human brain- smart, but far from human 4. Jane Goodall - Louis Leakey famous anthropologist of 1950s Decided to pick one woman to study each of the three great apes Jane, Diane Fossey, Birute - Gombe National Park – Tanzania - Spent 2 years getting the chimps to be comfortable around her. Chimps didn’t flee. They allowed her to sit close to them and observe. Better long term data – 40 years
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3.5-chimps - Chimpanzee Communities and Behavior 1....

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