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Unformatted text preview: Instructions for Applying for Admission to Biocore for Fall, 2010 For questions call the Biocore Office, 345 Noland Hall, 265-2870. Application Deadline: March 12, 2010 Submit completed applications to 345 Noland Hall. Although we will continue to accept applications after the deadline until all available openings are filled, late applications will receive lower priority. Prerequisites Prerequisites for Biocore are Chemistry 104, 109, or 115 and one semester of calculus (e.g. Math 221 or equiv), reasonable grades, and Fall 2010 (or previous) enrollment in Organic Chemistry 343. An introductory course in statistics (Stats 301 or 371) is highly recommended, but not required. If you will not complete the prerequisites (except, of course, organic chemistry) during the spring or summer of 2010, you should apply the following year instead. Although it is usual to begin Biocore as a sophomore, for most majors it is possible to take Biocore as a junior and senior, or under some circumstances as a freshman. If you plan to do this, consider taking physics as a sophomore. The following materials are required as part of your application. Please check to make sure that you have included all four: √ √ √ √ 1. The attached application form 2. An official UW transcript. (We need the red one, not a black copy.) Note that the Registrar's Office takes three or more days to process transcript requests. 3. The essay described on the application form 4. A stamped, self-addressed business size envelope. (The Biocore Admissions Committee will use this to notify you of your admission status prior to April Registration.) Important Background Information on Biocore and Registration Our Goals The faculty and staff associated with the program care deeply about undergraduate learning and have established the following goals for our students. As a result of participating in the Biocore program you should be able to: 1. Utilize experience, knowledge and creativity to solve complex biological problems. 2. Understand how we know what we know in biology through study of the nature of science, the primary scientific literature, and historical experiments. 3. Build a logical argument based on evidence, learn to think critically, be skeptical, look at evidence before believing, and understand that there is not always just one right answer to a question. 4. Use terminology accurately and effectively within appropriate conventions of the discipline. 5. Frame sophisticated biological questions, formulate testable hypotheses, design and carry out experiments, make logical conclusions based on evidence. 6. Analyze a problem using a systems approach (“systems thinking”), recognizing levels of biological organization, and emergent properties of the whole. 7. Express ideas clearly and logically in oral and written form. 8. Know how to find and evaluate information. 9. Work as a member of a productive, collaborative research team. 10. Identify how biological structure follows function, and recognize how this phenomenon results from the process of evolution. You can learn more about Biocore and our courses and projects by visiting our web site at Use of Animals Some of the Biocore courses, particularly the laboratory courses, involve the use of animals or animal organs. Procedures for using vertebrate animals have been reviewed and approved by the University's Research Animal Resource Center, which insures the proper use and care of animals in research and teaching. If you object to the use of animals for teaching purposes, you should not register for Biocore. Online Registration in April After we notify you that you have been admitted, you must still register for Biocore courses along with your other classes during the online registration period in April. Chem 343 is a prerequisite for the second semester of Biocore, so you need to register for that concurrently with Biocore 301 and 302. If you change your mind about taking Biocore, please call 608-265-2870 and tell us so that we can admit a student from the waiting list. There are fewer spaces in the lab (125) than in the lecture (150), so some of you who register near the end of the freshman period may not get into the lab. If this happens and you definitely want the lab, call the Biocore office to get on the lab waiting list (345 Noland Hall, 265-2870). We'll try very hard to accommodate you. (In the past, we have usually been able to get almost everyone in.) Waiting List Information Depending on how many students apply, some well-qualified students might not be allowed to enroll simply because we do not have enough space; they will be put on our waiting list. Some admitted students who decline call to tell us (we really appreciate this!); some simply fail to register. In either case, we then admit students from the waiting list. We will notify you by email as soon as we can, but we often do not know until the end of the freshmen registration period. If you are determined to get in, keep checking with the Biocore Office. (Many students give up if they don't get in right away, so the waiting list quickly decreases.) Sometimes we have students dropping Biocore as late as the beginning of classes in the fall, so don't give up! ***Save these instructions for future reference*** See next page for Application Form Biology Core Curriculum Application Form for Fall 2010 Name last first initial Student ID no. Probable major Phone dorm or street address city city state zip area code/ phone email address Madison address Summer address (if known) no. and street College ______ Phone zip area code/ phone Semesters completed at UW-Madison Semesters completed elsewhere Institution Please list the college chemistry, math, and biology courses you have completed and the grades you received. Include course numbers for UW-Madison courses, titles for courses from other institutions. (We pay attention not only to grades but also to the difficulty of the courses.) *Note: If you have not completed program prerequisites Chemistry (i.e. Chem 104 or 109 and Math 221) by the end of Spring Math 2010, please explain your plan in your personal statement. Biology Please list the college chemistry, math, and biology courses you are taking Spring 2010. Chemistry Math Biology Check any special programs of which you are a member: ◊ Honors program ◊ Medical Scholars ◊ Other ◊ Chancellor's Scholars ◊ Undergraduate Research Scholars GPA How did you learn about Biocore? (please circle one or more) ◊ Fellow student ◊ Class announcement (which class) __________ ◊ Advisor ◊ Brochure distributed by _____________ ◊ Family/Friends ◊ SOAR ◊ Majors Fair ◊ Advising Workshop ◊ L&S or CALS Honors Why did you choose to apply? ____________________________________________________________________________________________ We ask all Biocore applicants to write a short personal statement of no more than 400 words including your answers to the following: ◊ Describe something that inspires you or something you have learned recently (e.g. hobby, athletic performance, community service, a book, article, piece of music), and explain how it has affected you. ◊ Explain what inspires/ motivates you to learn and what your learning goals are for Biocore. Tips on writing your personal statement: • Make it personal. This is your chance to tell us about your challenges and accomplishments. • Tell us something new other than what we can deduce from your transcript or other information in your application. • Avoid excessive metaphor or imaginary description. This may confuse the reader and not be what you intended. • Emphasize the positive. ...
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