Excel_Exercise_8-9 - , x axis shows time in minutes -plot...

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Time (min) Volume (mL) 1 3.7 2 7.5 3 11.2 4 15 5 18.7 6 22.5 7 26.2 8 30 9 33.7 10 37.5 11 41.2 12 45 13 48.7 14 52.5 15 56.2 16 60 17 63.7 18 67.5 19 71.2 20 75 A student conducted an experiment to determ ine what factors ar important in the rate of reaction between potassium carbonate an hydrochloric acid. The student diluted 2.000 mL of 4.000 M K 2 CO 75.0 mL, then combined that solution with 75.00 mL of 2.000 M H an increased temperature of 50 °C. The student tabulated the amount of CO 2 gas collected over time recorded the results in the columns to the left. 1. Use a rearrangement of PV = nRT to solve for the number of m of CO 2 produced. You may assume atmospheric pressure. Enter fill down) your formula in column C. 2. Make a scatter plot of moles of CO 2 versus time. Make sure th has the following features: -y axis shows moles CO 2
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Unformatted text preview: , x axis shows time in minutes -plot created as a separate sheet in the workbook-a proper title-labeled axes-sensible scales on the axes-no gridlines-a colorless background to the plot-solid green squares as data markers-a line of best fit (trendline) which passes through the origin-the equation of the line and R 2 value in scientific notation three decimal places 3. Think about what the information in your trendline provides. W does the slope and y-intercept tell you? Be prepared to talk abou these and other points in discussion. Email the resulting workbook to your TA as an attached file. Inclu your student ID in the email message AND on the spreadsheet. re nd 3 to HCl at e and moles (and he plot in to What ut ude...
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Excel_Exercise_8-9 - , x axis shows time in minutes -plot...

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