HO Thinking about how LM structures one's econ life

HO Thinking about how LM structures one's econ life - The...

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Trade policy allows for trade w nation X, that has few labor, health and environment regulations. Products made in country X are cheaper than equivalents in US. Consumers buy X’s version of product more than US version US manufacturer s close or move to nation X TO Low Demand for new labor Remaining jobs are o Non union o Unstable over time o Low pay o No or few benefits o Little development or “internal labor market” FROM : Hi Demand for labor Jobs are… o Unionized o Stable o Decent Pay o Benefits o Low initial skill demands and internal promotion ladders Labor Market for non college educated changes
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Unformatted text preview: The IMPACT of economic change: In places where the labor market is made up of a mix of white and blue collar workers and jobs, the impact of decline of the low skill labor market is somewhat offset by gains in the hi skill labor market and workers have a place to go if they can get more education. In places dominated by blue collar workers and jobs, the impact of the decline in manufacturing is like a depression. tr ct ra o di io s Thinking Structurally about Poverty and Inequality...
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