Pregnancy and Parturition

Pregnancy and Parturition - Pregnancy and Parturition- Male...

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Unformatted text preview: Pregnancy and Parturition- Male monkeys don’t need testosterone to be aggressive; behavior is not strictly defined by hormone levels hormones are related to the development of these behaviors Lemures Monkeys Apes Human Puberty 1-2 3-4 10-14 12-18 Gestation 2-4 5-7 8 9 Birth Int. 1 1-2 4-8 4 Ecological Zeitgebers Dry=mating Wet=Birth o 6 month pregnancy and 6 month nursing period (Prosimians) o some marmosets and tamarins can be pregnant and nursing at the same time Among apes 200 pound gorilla gives birth to a three pound baby o birth not quite as problematic for apes and monkeys as it is for humans In humans, babies got big and pelvis changed shape; human brain is only ¼ of adult size to make birth easier Neantherthal Neonate and Pelvic Opening neantherthals were more robust than humans and had a bigger pelvic opening The physics of pregnancy are bad for humans, lots of pressure on lower vertebrae Pregnancy No dramatic changes like nesting But other behavior changes: o Lethargy o Sexual abstinence o Eating/drinking changes B. marriott (less use of vertical strata for food sources) Changing association and ranging o In some species, isolation o Primiparous — less play, among young pregnancies They never play for the rest of their lives o Maternal affiliation Pregnancy...
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Pregnancy and Parturition - Pregnancy and Parturition- Male...

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