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Project 2 - Movie Rental Project Description: You are implementing a movie rental application that tracks information pertaining to customers renting items from various stores. Important Notes: 1. Object attributes (properties) should not be directly accessible; rather you must create get/set methods (accessor/mutator). By convention, these methods should be named according to the names of the variables they access. For instance, the accessor methods for a property "name" would be "getName()" and "setName()". You will lose points if your properties are public! 2. The below description outlines properties (attributes) and methods that MUST be included, but these will not be sufficient to solve the problem. Additional methods, properties, and classes may be required to complete your solution. 3. A reminder about public classes: When a class is declared public, it must be contained in its own file. For instance, the "public class Rental" below must be given in a file "". Therefore, your final submission should contain multiple Java files. 4. Submission: Before submitting your project, first pack all of your source files into an archive. To do this from a Windows platform, use either the .zip or .rar format. To pack the files from a UNIX platform, use the tar utility (or tar and gzip). 5. Remember that your code must compile in order for us to grade it. . if your submission does not compile, you will receive a grade of 0. Required Structure: public class Customer // Properties: // String name - the customer's name // int age - the customer's age // Date enrollDate - date that the customer enrolled at this store // Constructors: // Customer() // Customer(String name) // Customer(String name, int age, Date enrollDate) // Methods: // void printCustInfo() // - On a newline, prints the customer's name, a comma, their // age, a comma, and their enrollDate (NOTE: Date objects can
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cis3023_project2 - Project 2 - Movie Rental Project...

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